Super Tilt, for all your large towing and transport needs!

Does transporting heavy machinery seem to be a big problem to you?
 Do you think it is impossible to move?
 The strongest and most time saving super tilt tow truck can save your day!

Bunbury Towing Super Tilt tow truck is the answer to your bigger needs!

Super Tilt is our tow truck that has the capability to tilt and slide. This low loader is what we used in towing and transporting big things like shipping containers, heavy machinery and farm equipment, site sheds, trucks, buses, caravans and even boats.

Your oversized loads are perfect for this low loader with its wide range of towing capacity!

At Bunbury Towing, we make sure that you get the safest towing and transport service.

Our Super Tilt Tow Truck is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art feature which includes:

  • Latest radio remote controls with emergency stops on remote
  • GPS Locator and tracking
  • Systemised full wheel strapping
  • Recovery winches
  • The most technologically advanced slider trailer and tilt trailer

We focused our attention on your needs so all our contractors are qualified and friendly, the best in the business.

Bunbury Towing Super Tilt service includes:

  • Accident Towing
  • Car breakdown Towing
  • Container Transport
  • Shed Transport
  • Heavy equipment Transport
  • Heavy machinery Transport
  • Truck, Bus or Caravan Towing
  • Boat Transport and many more.

For all your large or small towing and transport needs, Bunbury Towing has the right services for you.

Contact Bunbury and Busselton Towing any time, day or night!