Truck Towing, emergency or scheduled

If you find yourself in trouble:

  • buried to the axles
  • off the road
  • upside down
  • or in a position that you may think is beyond the point of no return…

Call Bunbury Towing on 08 9725 7588 for all your Truck Towing needs.

Road transport equipment and machinery can require emergency assistance, Bunbury Towing can offer specialist services.

We have many cost effective solutions for you, which are safe and can turn any situation around; getting you back on the road as quickly as possible. These situations happen more often than you might think. We will not frown upon your situation, we will simply take a professional approach and use the most suitable equipment to ensure your down time is kept to a minimum and get you going again.

Our trucks carry various safety equipment to aid with emergency situations and we can recover vehicles even in most extreme situations such as a cab of a truck buried in mud, submerged in water or damaged from fire accident.

Bunbury Towing can lift

  • damaged
  • broken down
  • unregistered trucks
  • buses and trailers with our all truck towing truck.

Need to move something? Bunbury Towing has a full range of services to move your equipment for you.

24hr service is available for all your Truck Towing and more.